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Tips, Traps and Trends

e-letter from HS Marketing

Change is Here!

September 2013

Dear Clients and Friends:

Change is here!  The long-awaited JOBS Act Rules become effective September 23, 2013, dramatically expanding the marketing flexibility for managers of private funds.  This newfound free speech provides important messaging and branding opportunities.  Traditional one-on-one capital raising (a/k/a “hand-to-hand-combat”) meets modern marketing activities and communication platforms.  How can you integrate public relations to leverage your firm’s capabilities?  Check out this slide show (click here) as presented during Alternative Asset’s recent Hedge Fund Boot Camp in Boston.

Given the accompanying additional obligations, disclosures and reporting responsibilities, managers are cautioned to consult legal/compliance advisors and seek approval before implementing new communication initiatives.  Marketing communications best practices including specific tips and traps are addressed in further detail within our prior e-letter: Navigating the post-JOBS Act Sea Change. which has been published in various industry publications.

Meeting the Challenges:
This less restricted marketing environment is likely to increase the challenge of getting heard above the noise. “Communication alpha” as noted in our prior e-letters may be considered an increasing source of value in supporting asset raising and retention objectives. HS Marketing can help raise your firm’s visibility and gain a competitive edge.  We’ve been serving the alternative investment community – hedge fund managers, futures trading firms, asset allocators and service providers – for two decades.  Contact us  to be heard, seen and understood.

Best regards,
Holly Singer, President
HS Marketing LLC
Twitter: @singerholly