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e-letter from HS Marketing

Communication vs. Communications: With or Without JOBS Act Final Rule

December 2012

Dear Clients and Friends,

Although the SEC has delayed (as of this writing on 12/5/12) issuing the final JOBS Act rule intended to lift the ban on advertising and general solicitation of private offerings, hedge fund managers still possess opportunities – within regulatory constraints – to communicate effectively with clients, prospective investors and others.  The overriding objective is to be heard, seen and understood!

Should you be more concerned with communication or communications? The short answer is “both.” This brief e-letter highlights these often-confused or misused terms, both of which are integral to marketing, public relations and investor relations.  Both are worthy of analysis and consideration by advisers to private funds and by service providers.

What are the nuances?


This singular noun “communication” refers to the act or process of exchanging and transmitting information or behavior including a personal rapport. Communication strategy and creativity should precede message development.


Unlike the singular form, the plural word “communications” applies to the different means of sending information, such as the technology, vehicles and systems for transmitting messages, also the tactics used in execution of a communication strategy. For example, advertising and media plans, public relations activities and events are marketing tactics that apply distinct communications channels.

Tips to leverage your branding opportunities

  • Sharpen your “communication alpha” regardless of the regulatory winds, while preparing for a marketing sea change . . . post-JOBS Act.
  • Create a communication strategy. Be sure that your value proposition clearly reflects the firm’s DNA! When effective, content marketing – built on strong messaging – can drive qualified leads, shorten the sales cycle and create public relations opportunities.
  • Consider a broad range of distribution and means of engagement to build brand awareness. Include multimedia, web and mobile devices, social media, targeted industry events and public relations channels.  Get your message across as efficiently as possible.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Contact us for a complimentary evaluation or inquiry. We’ve been in the marketing communications business, serving the alternative investment community, for almost two decades.


Holly Singer, President, HS Marketing, LLC

Princeton Junction, NJ 08550 | tel. 609.275.1303